It's time for the now with Alex Deacon; what about those storms? Yeah, we are not done yet George for the next of hours the winds will still be very very strong across parts of central Scotland and northern England. We do still have a Met Office warning in force for those winds. We could still see gusts of sixty to maybe miles an hour. The worst is past maybe for northern Ireland but still along the North coast here we could see of sixty to seventy miles an hour.

The main area, I say central southern Scotland parts of northern England for at least the next hours, sixty to seventy mile an hour gusts could cause some further . But wherever you are it is very very windy out there this evening. Into tomorrow and it is still very windy there will be a bit more sunshine maybe across northern England, sunny spells further south but a whole host of heavy showers across England and Wales. Alright Alex thank you. And that's all from us its time to join the BBC news teamů